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We bring together different organisations involved in HPC in the UK to provide information to users of HPC facilities.

HPC-UK provides information for users and providers on UK HPC facilities. This includes information on facilities available, how to gain access, what training courses are available and links to other useful resources. We are made up of a variety of organisations in the UK including EPCC and Society of Research Software Engineering. Read more About HPC-UK

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By providing a central place for information on UK HPC facilities, training and software we enable the HPC user community to get the most out of HPC for their work.

This site provides information on HPC facilities and software so that users can choose the best tools for the job.


Do you need information on facilities available, training, software…? We can help.


Information on UK HPC facilities


Improve your skills with training from HPC experts


Get the most out of HPC applications


Apply for access to UK HPC facilities

Research Software Engineering

RSE expertise to support HPC


We are always keen to work with people and organisations. If you think you can contribute to HPC-UK then please just get in touch and talk to us.

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